CTN Big Bend TV45 Network - 1.30pm (EDT) Tuesday 10th October 2017 and 10.30am Saturday 14th October 2017

This week’s Israel First TV Programme on CTN Big Bend TV45 Network is an Israel First Update with Martin and Nathalie Blackham. Martin Blackham shares some Viewers Feedback from Swaziland in Africa and Nathalie Blackham talks about the importance of the Hebrew Language. Martin mentions that each episode of the Programme will feature a Hebrew Language segment with Nathalie. Martin and Nathalie then talk about how viewers can financially support the work of the programme and help Israel First buy vital equipment that is needed in particular camera and monitor equipment to increase the amount of people who can be interviewed in the studio. He also mentions a recent guest Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz from the Jerusalem City Council who was bringing all the latest news as to what is happening in Jerusalem City. Nathalie talks about the Israel First YouTube Channel which viewers can subscribe to and catch up with all the latest Programmes. Visit:

    Watchmen Broadcasting Network - 12.00pm (EDT) Thursday 19th October 2017

    Next week’s Israel First TV Programme on Watchmen Broadcasting Network is an Israel First Update with Martin and Nathalie Blackham. Martin Blackham shares some Viewers Feedback from South Africa and talks about how viewers can partner and support the programme financially. Nathalie Blackham also talks about the importance of the viewers supporting the programme financially. Nathalie says how viewers who may have missed programmes can catch up with them on video via the Israel First YouTube Channel at: Martin talks a bit about the guests coming in including David Rubin, Former May of Shiloh & News Commentator. Martin looks at the Newspapers from Israel and the Jerusalem Post’s feature on the major construction plan for the Jewish Communities in Judea & Samaria. Martin also looks at the news story about Rabbi Marvin Hier, the first Orthodox rabbi ever to give a benediction at an American President’s Inauguration citing Psalm 137: “By the rivers of Babylon,” he recited. “We wept as we remembered Zion. If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.”

      Angel TV HD Network - Friday 13th October 2017

      This week’s Israel First TV Programme Guest on Angel TV HD Network is Rabbi Abe Reichman. Rabbi Reichman currently serves as the Community Relations liaison for CJCUC. In this capacity, he engages with Christian groups who believe in the importance of Jewish-Christian relations, and also conducts Bible sessions for CJCUC’s weekly Scriptural study at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem. Prior to his role with CJCUC, Rabbi Reichman spent four decades in the world of education with major Jewish organizations both in Israel and the Diaspora. His educational niche was reaching out to the unaffiliated members of the Jewish community, connecting them with their roots while providing them with an understanding of how modern Israel plays a significant role in the development of Jewish identity. Ten years ago Rabbi Reichman began hosting Christian groups visiting his home community of Efrat and sharing with them the Hebraic understanding of the Bible. Inspired by the passion of Christian support for Israel and by their desire to connect to their Judaic heritage, Rabbi Reichman decided to redirect his calling in life and enter the field of Jewish-Christian relations with CJCUC in 2016. Rabbi Reichman received his Rabbinical ordination, his BA in psychology and his MA in Hebrew Literature from Yeshiva University; he also earned an additional MA in Educational Psychology from Teacher’s College of Columbia University. He speaks fluent Hebrew, English and Yiddish as well as basic German. He and his wife Libby reside in Efrat and they are blessed with four children & numerous grandchildren. For more information about Rabbi Abe Reichman visit: For more information about The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) visit: