Guests 2

(in order of appearance)

    Jackie Goldman - Trauma Counselor

    Jackie Goldman received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University – Stern College for Women, and her Master’s in
    Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University, Radnor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A former Director of Counseling Services for the Ramah Educational Programs in Israel, Ms. Goldman is Director of Counseling and Support Services at the Koby Mandell Foundation, Efrat for bereaved families/victims of terror. She is a Group Facilitator for the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma Community and School Resilience Unit, working both in Israel and internationally. Ms. Goldman conducts counselor training sessions for, among others, the Jewish Agency and Yeshiva University in Israel. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel and is a joyful mother and grandmother.
    For more information about Jackie Goldman visit: To Contact Jackie Goldman email:

      Daniel Luria - Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim (The Jerusalem Reclamation Project)

      Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and Spokesman For Ateret Cohanim (The Jerusalem Reclamation Project) an organisation dedicated to redeeming Jewish property in Jerusalem and revitalising strategic neighborhoods. His responsibilities include public relations, spokesman, fundraising and tour coordination. He is a sought after spokesperson for Jewish rights to all of Jerusalem. He is originally from Melbourne, Australia, came to live in Israel in 1995 and currently lives in Maaleh Adumim. Daniel previously worked for the Jerusalem Municipality and has been featured on BBC News, Fox News, Al Jazeera, SBS Australia and in The New York Times, The Guardian Newspaper, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Israel National News and Associated Press. For more information about Daniel Luria visit:

        Rabbi Dov Lipman - Former Member of Knesset (Israeli Parliament)

        Rabbi Dov Lipman was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he attended the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington. Whilst at High School he served as an intern for Congressman John Dingell. Rabbi Lipman continued his studies at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland where he received rabbinic ordination while studying at Johns Hopkins University where he received a Masters in Education. In 2004 he moved with his family from Silver Spring, Maryland to Beit Shemesh in Israel. He originally worked in Education and Community Activism before 2013 when he was the first American born Israeli to be elected to the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) for 29 Years. Rabbi Lipman served in the Israeli Knesset for two years and has since continued as the Chairman of Anglo and Diaspora Affairs of the Yesh Atid political party. He recently hosted a weekly radio show on Voice of Israel called ‘One Nation with Dov Lipman’. He serves as a political correspondent for Israel’s i24 TV News and is featured in the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel. He is the author of the books: ‘To Unify A Nation: My Vision For The Future of Israel” and ‘An ‘American’ MK: Behind the Scenes in the 19th Knesset’. For more information about Rabbi Dov Lipman visit:

          Sruli Portnoy From The Portnoy Brothers British-Israeli Folk-Rock Duo

          Sruli Portnoy was born in Manchester, England, later moving to Israel as an adult. His father was an orchestra conductor-turned-rabbi. Sruli and his brother Mendy debuted as the Portnoy Brothers in 2012 with the single ‘Kol Ha’olam’. They gave a series of concerts in Sderot and other Southern Israeli communities during Operation Pillar of Defense 2012 and dedicated proceeds from a show at Mike’s Place the following Chanukkah to children harmed by the attacks. In 2014, they appeared at the biannual Moshav Country Fair at Mevo Modi’im, alongside Hamakor, Yehuda Leuchter, and Ben Zion Solomon and Sons. They also played at a Chabad menorah lighting at Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem. The Portnoy’s began recording their debut album ‘Learn to Love’ in 2013 with bassist and engineer Alon Hillel. The album was co-funded by fans via an Indiegogo campaign. For more information about Sruli Portnoy/The Portnoy Brothers or to order the CD ‘Learn To Love’ visit:

            Dr. Sharon Shaul - Medical Aid Director of Natan-International Humanitarian Aid, Israel

            Dr. Sharon Shaul is a Graduate of The University of Tel Aviv Faculty of Medicine and is in charge of Natan-International Humanitarian Aid’s medical work. Dr. Shaul is a family doctor and mother of four and is also a Board Member of Natan-International. In 2010 Dr. Shaul was head of the Aid Mission to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake. In 2013 she led the the Medical Relief Operations in the Philippines following Typhoon Yolanda, In 2015 she was part of the Aid Delegation to Nepal following the Gorkha earthquake which killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. In 2016 she established a Primary Care Clinic for refugees in the Presevo, Serbia Transit Camp . Natan-International Humanitarian Aid has aspired through the years to give respect for the individual, pursuit of liberty, the right to a secure life, food and shelter, liberalism and freedom of expression. Abie Natan, an iconic Israeli humanitarian has provided the inspiration to the organization that bears his name and attempts to reach these goals by the integration of resources through the provision of humanitarian assistance to any individual in need whether in Israel or throughout the world. Natan’s resume includes some of the major disaster zones since 1968 when Abie Natan established the fund for the children of Biafra following the humanitarian disaster in that area. For more information about Natan-International Humanitarian Aid visit:

              Rabbi Tuly Weisz – Founder of Breaking Israel News & Israel 365

              Rabbi Tuly Weisz attended the renowned Yeshiva University, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York. He served as the Rabbi of Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio where his Grandfather David Stavsky had in the past been the Rabbi prior to moving in 2011 with his wife Abby and their children to Beit Shemesh in Israel. He is the founder and director of the dynamic Israel 365 website/email service which promotes the physical beauty and Biblical significance of Israel. Featuring stunning photographs of more than 50 award winning Israeli photographers alongside an inspiring Bible verse, Israel365 connects people to Israel each and every day. Rabbi Weisz is also the founder and the publisher of the popular Breaking Israel News service providing the latest headlines from a Biblical perspective. He has been featured on CBN News and has written articles for Newsmax – USA, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. For more information about Rabbi Tuly Weisz visit: For more information about Breaking Israel News visit:

                Rabbi Yehudah Glick - Member of Israeli Knesset (Parliament) & Israeli Government

                Rabbi Yehudah Glick is originally from New York, USA and has been a Member of Knesset (Member of Israeli Parliament) for the Likud Party since 2016, being only the sixth American born MK ever. Between 1986 and 1989 Rabbi Glick served in the Israeli Army Armored Corps and later in the Intelligence Corps. He holds a Bachelor of Education from Jerusalem College of Technology and an MA in Jewish History from Touro College. He is also a licensed tour-guide for the Ministry of Tourism. He has worked as an Executive Director of The Temple Institute in Jerusalem and is a former Spokesman for Government Minister Yuli Edelstein at The Ministry of Absorption and Immigration. He is a strong activist for ‘comprehensive freedom for Jews on the Temple Mount’ and is a past Chairman of The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation. In 2014 he survived an assassination attempt from an Islamic Jihad terrorist gunman outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem when he was shot four times. Rabbi Glick was awarded the 2015 Moskowitz Prize for Zionism for being ‘Active for human rights and religious freedom on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount’. He has been a guest on the BBC Hardtalk Programme and has spoken on Israel’s i24 News and has featured in The Jerusalem Post, Guardian Newspaper UK, Daily Telegraph UK, Times of Israel and Ynet News. For more information about Rabbi Yehudah Glick visit:

                  Joseph Gitler, Founder and Chairman of Leket Israel (Rescuing Healthy Food For Israel's Needy)

                  Joseph Gitler is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Fordham University Law School. After emigrating to Israel in 2000, he worked for three years as Director of International Sales & Development for a family software business. In 2003 Joseph Gitler founded Leket Israel. He started rescuing meals from catering halls and corporate cafeterias out of his Subaru car. The meals were stored in refrigerators lining his driveway before being delivered to local non-profit organizations serving the needy. Today Leket is the largest food bank in Israel and has been a leader and an expert in food rescue nationwide. Leket works with 195 non-profits throughout the country to provide nutritious food to over 175,000 Israeli’s weekly. Joseph is married to Leelah, has five children and enjoys biking, traveling and spending time with his kids. For more information about Joseph Gitler visit:מר-יוסף-גיטלר/ For more information or to support the work of Leket Israel visit:

                    AnaRina Heymann - Director of Jerusalem Watch, Outreach Co-Ordinator at City of David Archaeological Park

                    AnaRina Heymann is the Outreach Coordinator At City of David Archaeological Site, Jerusalem, Israel and Director of Jerusalem Watch.
                    AnaRina was raised in South Africa, worked in the TV Broadcasting Industry as well as Head of Marketing for Aliyah (Jewish People emigrating to Israel) in her home country for two years before fulfilling a personal mission to make Aliyah to Israel six years ago. After Aliyah, she worked on special projects for the Jewish Agency Aliyah Department. Three years ago, AnaRina joined the City of David Archaeological Park and started the Jerusalem Watch project that creates awareness for the most important place in the world – Ancient biblical Jerusalem. Jerusalem Watch endeavors to connect those passionate about Jerusalem to her true location, her glorious past and her promised future. For more information about AnaRina Heymann visit: visit: For more information about Jerusalem Watch visit:

                      Amanda Weiss - Executive Director of The Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

                      Amanda Weiss is originally from New York and worked for non-profit and educational organisations in the United States before moving to Israel in 1991. Through Amanda’s Leadership as Executive Director of The Bible Lands Museum, the Museum has become a vibrant cultural centre for innovative exhibitions and educational programs that serve the diverse populations of Israel as well as visitors from around the world. Amanda established one of the most successful coexistence programs still thriving today ‘The Image of Abraham’ which brings Arab and Jewish students together to learn about their common heritage through the exhibitions and creative activities. Amanda has led US President Bush and his wife Laura on a tour of the museum. The museum has also displayed the worlds oldest Jewish prayer book. The 1200 year old Siddur written in Hebrew was unveiled for the first time at the Bible Lands Museum. For more information about Amanda Weiss visit: For more information about the Bible Lands Museum visit: