Richard from New York, United States: “Very much enjoyed the programme with David Bedein. It was very informative”.

Lisa from the United Kingdom: “Thank you for the wonderful programmes on Israel First and all the information and Hebrew teaching”.

Alison in Australia: “I was most interested in your programme on Christian TV”.

Rosemary from South Africa: “We watch your programme every Friday on Angel TV. Thank you so much for the news. Often you tell us things we don’t hear anywhere else!”.

Motlatsi from South Africa: “I always watch your programme on Angel TV every Friday”.

Karen from the United States: “I think your new broadcast is fantastic!”.

Nancy from North Dakota, United States: “Thank you for sharing truth and news we don’t hear elsewhere”.

Carla from Belgium: ” I love your programmes and really congratulate you with them! Thanks, this is what people need”.

Hessel from Holland talking about the programme with Jackie Goldman: “Very useful information. It gives a good perspective on the effects of traumatic events on peoples body and mind”. 
Amanda from the United States: “Thank you for this wonderful programme”.