About Us

Israel First TV Programme focuses on News, Interviews and Features from Israel together with teaching from a hebraic perspective. The Programme is presented by Martin and Nathalie Blackham from the Israel First TV Studios In Jerusalem, Israel. It is broadcast every Friday on Angel TV via Satellite on the following channels: Australia, Far East, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish and America. It is also broadcast every Thursday at 12.00pm (EST) on Watchmen Broadcasting, South Carolina and every Tuesday at 1.30pm (EST)/ Saturday at 10.30am (EST) on CTN Big Bend TV45 Network, Florida.

Martin and Nathalie Blackham have been presenting TV Programmes featuring news and features about Israel since 2004 on Revelation TV, Inspiration Network TV, Faith TV, CWeb TV and since 2016 on Angel TV and 2017 on Watchmen Broadcasting/CTN Big Bend TV45 Network. Discover the land, the people and the language through interviews and current events in the land of Israel.